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NAP+ has Changed its name from NAP+ to NAPHAD (Network of Charitable Associations of HIV

Positives for Health and Development)


Executive Director Message

Network of Charitable Societies of HIV Positives in Amhara (NAP+) is an indigenous non-governmental and not for profit Organization established by 37 PLHIV Associations in Amhara region on April 8, 2005. NAP+ currently has more than 160 member Associations in the region with members of more than 56,443 PLHIVs of which 37,323 are female and 9,073 ( female 4719) Orphan vulnerable children.

NAP+ exists and operates so as to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce its impacts through intensified, scaled up and comprehensive programs with active participation of all its members and with special focus on meaningful involvement of PLHIVs and their families with empowerment and envisions to see a society free from HIV/AIDS and its impacts.

NAP+ as a regional umbrella organization is one of the leading actor working in the region to curve the high burden of HIV/AIDS. To continue its effort and scale up its contribution, NAP+ has got budget limitation to strengthening NAP+ and its constituencies through enhancing structures and addressing need based gaps.

Strengthening the regional umbrella organization / NAP+ as a strategy is very important to sustain the response and enhance the community/ association level responses of the epidemic. In which the involvement of PLHIVs in prevention, treatment and care and support activities of the HIV/AIDS program will bring positive change and the transmission of HIV from PLHIVs to the general population will be minimized.

Strengthening NAP+ also has paramount importance in mobilizing resources to the region. In which, as NAP+ and its constituencies becomes stronger they become recipient of funds from external resources to the region by mobilizing resources from external sources.

Strengthening NAP+ structure will also create good governance and accountability through the regional network and its constituencies. In which lack of good governance and accountability problems usually seen in these institutions will be solved and these institutions can serve their community in responsible ways.

Strengthening NAP+ also has significant use in realizing GIPA. In which realizing GIPA in the region will help to reduce stigma and discrimination, improve disclosure, improve ART uptake, reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and as a result reduce the spread of the epidemic.

Coordinated, integrated and comprehensive approach will bring significant change to realize zero death, zero new infection and zero discrimination!

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