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NAP+ has Changed its name from NAP+ to NAPHAD (Network of Charitable Associations of HIV

Positives for Health and Development)


Executive Director Message

Network of Charitable Associations of HIV Positives for Health and Development (NAPHAD) was established on April 8, 2005 as Network of Charitable Societies of HIV Positives Associations in Amhara (NAP+) following the impacts of HIV/ADIS on PLHIVs, families of PLHIVs, OVCs and the community of Amhara region at large. NAPHAD legally registered as a local NGO in 2005 by the Regional Justice Office and re-registered in June 2011 by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Charities and Societies Agency as Ethiopia Residents Charity Consortium under licence number 2348. In accordance with organizations of civil societies proclamation No.1113/2019, NAPHAD again re-registered by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Agency for Civil Society Organizations under licence number 2348 on 22/07/2019 as a local organization.

NAPHAD, as a regional umbrella network having 160 member PLHIV Associations with about 60,000 registered PLHIVs of whom 72% are females. It is a learning organization which has been taking lessons from its past achievements and limitations to broaden its areas of intervention, program type, geographical coverage and fund base. To this regard, it has made paradigm shift from HIV/AIDS focused programmatic areas into health and development intervention.  Currently, NAPHAD is being engaged in six pillars programmatic areas: Health (HIV/ADIS, Nutrition, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Hygiene and Sanitation), Environmental Protection, Gender and Youth Empowerment, Capacity Building, Advocacy and Partnership and Livelihood Improvement.   Our guided principles are accountablity, transparency, inclusiveness, gender sensitivity, participation and engagement including multi-sectoralsim.

Our programs in general have combated HIV/AIDS, improved economic empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized target groups, empowered target beneficiaries, improved ART Adherence, encouraged partnership and collaboration with the local government and non-governmental organizations including FBOs& CBOs.

As a local organization, NAPHAD wants to strength its partnership with the local level government bodies and donor partners in the coming years. To this regard, we want to invite development actors to work with us to leverage our effort towards addressing our strategic priority areas.

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