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GF -NFM Project

NAPHAD has been managing and coordinating the implementation of  Global Fund Project entitled Treatment, Care and Support with an Intervention Treatment Adherence” Since January  1, 2018 focused on  ART adherence education and counseling through home to home ART education and counseling and community level peer to peer  groups discussion and experience sharing from their real experiences.

The overall objective of the project is to reduce HIV/AIDS related morbidity and mortality through vulnerability reduction and Adherence education and counseling.

On the basis of this overall objective, the following major activities were executed in 2018; and the major ones are indicated here under.

  • ART Adherence education and counseling through home to home visit
  • Peer to peer ART Adherence group discussion on monthly basis
  • Referral linkage with support giving organizations for the care and support services
  • Local resource mobiliztion
  • partnership and networking


  • Strength community based care and support with ART adherence intervention
    • Capacity building of implementing PLHIV Associations
    • Enhancing the meaningful involvement of HIV positives in HIV/AIDS response (GIPA)
    • Strengthening networking & partnership
    • Access to HIV/AIDS information and  other health services
    • Community mobilization and/ resources mobilization
    • Referral linkage with support giving  organizations ( HFs& CBOs)
    • Monitoring and Evaluation

    Major Achievements

    This project is being implemented by 41 implementing PLHIV Associations found in different district of  the region using  community based volunteers  to implement community level activities. Accordingly, 1253 volunteers are currently deployed with monthly transport payment by NAP+. To this regard,  they are engaged to facilitate 410 peer to peer groups as well as  providing ART adherence education and counseling services through home to home. As a result, a total of 8196 PLHIVs have been reached through the peer to peer discussions and 13,334 clients have been reached through home to home ART Adherence education and counseling. On top of these, the care and support services for PLHIVs, OVCs and their families through the referral linkage have been strengthened so that significant numbers of PLHIVs alleviated their social and economical problems.


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