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USAID MULU Key Populations

USAID MULU Key Populations Activity Project is under implementation since August 2013. Till then, it expanded its area of intervention, target numbers and amount of budget. The Project has targeted high-risk population groups include female sex workers and other high vulnerable groups like high risk men & adolescent girls and young women within communities where high risk sexual behavior occurs.

The comprehensive HIV services are mainly grouped into Behavioral, Biomedical and structural interventions and NAP+ will deploy different techniques and innovative approaches especially to meet the three 90 targets. NAP+ will use different yield maximizing approaches such as RDS, ICT, and Peer Lead Approach and Partner Notification. In this project NAP+ is committed to meet 100% linkages for those who are get newly tested HIV positive.


Project is being implemented in community settings to enhance its targets testing approach including scale up of index case testing, HIV self-testing and community ART for epidemic control. The community linkage between female sex workers and their clients plus women engaged in transactional sex peer networks, community level DIC providers and public laboratory facilities will enhance the HIV case identification, linkage to treatment and tracking of viral load suppression towards achieving the UNAIDS and PEPFAR goal of 90-90-90 and epidemic control by 2020.

The goal of the project is to contribute to the national target of reducing new HIV infections by 60% through provision of a range of standard combination prevention services to FSW and other priority population in surrounding hotspot areas


Increasing the availability and accessibility of high-quality, comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for FSW  and priority populations (KP/PP) in selected priority geographic areas

Strengthening enabling environment to facilitate access to comprehensive HIV services for KP/PP

Improve evidence-based decision making through planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E.


The project has three overarching strategies for achieving the above indicated results:

a) Leveraging existing projects and best practices for rapid scale up,

b)  Standardizing the approach to combination HIV prevention programming for intensity and scale, and

c) Implementing a client- centered evidence-based approach to delivering the standard package of combination prevention services.

The technical Areas of the project include;

  • Address KP/PPs with individual or small group-level HIV prevention interventions
  • Establish DICs in selected towns & provide full package HIV prevention, testing & treatment
  • Provision of non-discriminatory friendly services inclusive of HTS, STI,GBV & RH services
  • Ensuring self-sufficiency eligible women who are involved in transactional sex with economic empowerment activities and
  • Provision of quality HIV/SRH services targeting adolescent girls and young women, out of school adolescent girls and girls migrating from rural to urban areas who may not be defined as FSWs, girls identified through HTS as members’ high-risk-sexual networks and other girls with high risk characteristics.
  • Strengthen referral linkage with public and private health facilities
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