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Tapering the Mother to Child Transmission of HIV among HIV Positive Parents

Project Area: Three Districts of North Gondar and West Gojjam Zones, Namely Gondar Zuria, North Achefer and Womberma Districts.

Project Period: Three Years from January 1/ 2016 up to December 31/2018.

Direct Beneficiaries: 75,153 HIV positive reproductive age Women and all pregnant women during the project Period

Indirect Beneficiaries: 225,459/112730 female people in the project catchment area

Project Implementation Strategy: The project entitled ‘Tapering the Mother to Child Transmission of HIV among HIV Positive Parents’ shortly named ‘TMCTH Project’ has managed in accordance with the log frame and PACF accepted and approved budget. The progress of implementation will be followed, monitored and evaluated through designed M&E techniques (as described in the M&E approach below: section 3) in order to check whether the planned activities are running with the time schedule set so that we can have timely corrective actions (if any).

The overall management of the project fund is the responsibility of NAP+ as per its human, program and financial management system. With the implementation of this project, NAP+ executive director gives the overall leadership while the program manager will be the manager of the project and accountable to all project activities and all matters related to the project. The M&E manager at NAP+ is responsible and accountable for overall monitoring and evaluation system of the project including data quality assurance and timely reporting and documentation. The Finance manager is also responsible and accountable for finance control and transactions related to this project.


Project Goal and Objectives:

  • Goal: The goal of this project is to decrease the vertical transmission of HIV among HIV exposed infants from 10.1% (2014) to less than 1% by 2018 in three project districts.
  • Objectives:
  1. To increase skilled birth attendants of pregnant women from 24% by 2014 to 90% by the end of the project period
  2. To increase full course PMTCT service uptake of HIV positive pregnant women (Complete PMTCT program follow up until infant testing) from 20% (2014) to 95% by the end of the project period.
  3. To reduce unintended pregnancy rate among HIV positive women from 27.4% (2016) to 13.7 by the end of the project period.
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